Let’s Talk About Women With Body Work

Y’all Vibe’N with Vanity or nah?

Grab your cups cuz it’s tea time. We’re gonna spend the next 2 minutes minding my business today lol. Let’s really talk about it …. Why do women with NO body work have such negative opinions of women WITH body work?

As of lately, the talk of cosmetic surgery has been on 100.  Women without body work tend to assume that women who get body work are insecure and lazy. When the truth is, most women who get their bodies done struggled to achieve their body goals the natural way.

Take me for instance! You would have never known unless you read this blog that almost 3 years ago, I had some body work done.

I had been working out for 5-6 years to achieve the body I desired, but I just couldn’t get it. My problem was, I had extra fat around my tailbone which made my BUTT look like a long back 🤣🤣. Not to mention I had dips in my hips… NOW YOU NAME THE WORKOUT THAT CAN FIX THAT💁🏾‍♀️.


Fast forward 1 year later I looked like this 😲😲😲😲😲😲….

Now you’re wondering how….. IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER HOW. What matter is that you thought that surgery was the solution to a woman’s body problems and all surgery was simply the first step to tackling my body problems.


Fast Forward Now I look like THIS…. And that definitely did NOT come from laying on the table.

Everybody has things they’re self conscious about; however, there’s only a few of us that’s willing to fix them. Does that make one any more insecure than the other?  Some of us are obsessed with improvement. Does that make it wrong if improvements come with a price tag?


And Yea,  we definitely have some people that go crazy under the knife, Hazel E for instance. But then, we have some people whose surgery is 💣, K.Michelle, Cardi B, LaLa Anthony, Kylie Jenner ….

Moral of the Story is you can’t help how you came into this world, but you’re in full control of how you’re gonna live in it and how you’re gonna leave it.

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