About Us

Vanity Vine  speaks to the many women who are uncomfortable with their sexy because of societal norms.  It gives women the confidence to be comfortable and accepting of their sex appeal.  It also provides them with the freedom to expose their sexy.  Speaking from a personal standpoint, as a professional, I was so uncomfortable with the confidence I had that I hid it from the world.  Now, Vanity Vine is unleashing our sexy and encouraging women all over to unleash theirs.  We NEVER ever want another woman to feel insecure about their sexy.  It’s okay to be “The Desirable Woman”: the woman that is alluring by day and tempting by night. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide women with the confidence to FREELY approach and SLAY the fashion world.  Buckle up! After this experience, you will become a RISKY bihhh! 



Here at Vanity Vine LLC, we specialize in building confidence in women through health & wellness and fashion.  We achieve this by helping women transform their mind, body, and fashion.  Vanity Vine provides women with access to different tools to help create the mindset needed to accomplish their goals, access to workout tools, dietary supplements, equipment and videos to help achieve body goals and access to fashionable, trendy pieces to help showcase their new found confidence.  Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.  You will achieve this confidence using Vanity Vine LLC’ business funnel: FIT., London FIT, and Vanity Vine. 

Through our FIT. component, you will have access to our motivational videos, free FIT workbook, workout tools/equipment, dietary supplements and a variety of workout videos.  There is no doubt that a lot of our confidence is contributed to our physical appearance.  This is why our  FIT. component was created.  FIT.  will help you gain the confidence to start to work on/ hit your body goals, whether it’s weight gain or weight loss.  We provide you with affordable & intentional workout routines and meal plans.  Our goal is to truly meet our clients where they need it the most.  Based on client recommendation, we offer combos and bundle deals, such as, “Core Craze Bundle”, “Booty Bundle”, “Core Combo”, “Cordless Combo” etc.  to maximize results at an affordable cost.  We have seen clients go from feeling sad, lost and depressed to gaining self worth and confidence. “I just want to say thank you cause if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would’ve lost weight.  I’m down 42 pounds and it’s mind blowing to me because I would always say I’m going to lose weight and never did, so thank you.”- Amanda Tirado.

After you accomplish your weight goals, there’s this new found confidence you gain.  You get excited and you want to show it off.  I know I did!  However, you’re not quite there yet, you’re still in the between sizes.  So ideally,  you need comfortable, stylish, versatile clothing like London Fit.  London Fit is an activewear line put in place as a bridge between Fashion and Fit.  It serves as the midpoint between “YAY! I’m reaching my body goals” and “OMG! Nothing fits now”.  We offer clothing like biker shorts, windbreakers and  graphic-tees, all clothing that’s comfortable for the growing muscles/offers stretch, versatile for the individuals with multiple titles (the mom, the gym junkie, the party-goer etc.) and stylish for the individuals who takes a piece of fashion with them everywhere. All while you’re still working on those body goals through our FIT component.  “I can count on a London Fit to get the job done, always”- Ebony Massey.

Give yourself a round of applause because you are finally where you want to be.  You have finally reached a point where you’re hitting those body goals and your confidence is on a million.  Say “Hello” to our Vanity Vine component.  Vanity is defined as excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements. Our Vanity Vine component screams “I LOVE WHO I’VE BECOME AND NOW I’M GOING TO SHOW IT!”,  with our risky, unique fashion pieces.  We offer pieces like bodysuits, one-pieces, distressed denim, biker jackets, etc.  Clients have said “I’m “skinny” now, now I can shop Vanity Vine.”  “Girl! I’m down 30 pounds, I’m shopping Vanity Vine now.”  These were women who never had the guts to shop Vanity Vine and after losing weight, they couldn’t wait to shop.  This clearly conveys the correlation  between fit and fashion and why Vanity Vine LLC was created.