Minding These Celebrities Business ☕️

Y’all Vibe’N with Vanity or nah?

Grab your cups cuz it’s tea time. We’re gonna spend the next 2 minutes minding someone else’s business lol.

I’ve been gone for 2 weeks but I’m back now; Ready to sip this celebrity tea.

So where do I began: Kim K and Kanye

I don’t know about y’all but, both parties are getting on my nerves with trying to replace one another. I mean let’s be real, Julia Fox is NO KIM K and Pete Davidson is NO KANYE


Babyyyyyy!!! Mrs. NeNe Leakes got her damn groove back. QUICK! I mean one minute we’re sending flowers 💐 and our condolences THEN the next minute we’re sipping wine 🍷 discussing her new relationship scandals 🤣. Literally, the next minute ☕️.

Ooooh Yea let’s NOT forget about Rihanna and ASAP lol. We all know they’re super fashionable, so under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I questioning Rihanna’s fashion sense. BUTTTTTTT is there a reason why you keep wearing these big vest? A reason likeee…. You’re hiding something 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️


Who knowssss lol. But what I do know is Rihanna dropped Ari Fletcher in 2.6 seconds from Fenty x Savage after her DV comments.

Come on Ari, it’s 2022 we gotta do better. 🤗

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  • I just can’t believe Kim & Nene lol city girls up by 10,000 . Ye wants attention of course & Rihanna needs to either drop a baby or album , time is ticking !!!!!

    Da stallion

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