Minding These Celebs Business: Who are they dating?

Y’all Vibe’N with Vanity or nah?

Grab your cups cuz it’s tea time. We’re gonna spend the next 2 minutes minding someone else’s business lol.

So I know y’all been keeping up with the latest celebrity relationships. If not, it’s kool I’ll give you the rundown.


Couple #1  Micheal B Jordan & Lori Harvey

I don’t know about y’all but their relationship came as a shock to me. I mean considering her lineup with hip hop & r&b artist, I just didn’t think a nice gentleman like Micheal B. Jordan would be her type. Let’s face it, her history with men is terrible lol.


Okay! Okay! I’m not trying to be all in her business but just to name a few: Diddy son Justin , Diddy, Trey Songz, Future 🤣🤣 okay okay!!! That’s enough

I mean she had me at Diddy and his damn son 🤣not to mention, these relationships were BACK TO BACK .. like the Drake song 😂

👉🏾My Question to you is “ Do you think she’s finally settled down with Micheal?


Couple #2 Rihanna & ASAP Rocky

If it’s one thing we can definitely say about these two … it’s that they’re inseparable.  Surely you know their track record.  The chemistry between them has been cooking up since 2012.

Although during the years, they’ve dated other people… They still somehow find their way back with one another.

According to our timeline, I mean ig timeline 🤣, May2021 the two made their relationship official.

And Yeaaaa Yeaaa! Rihanna has yet to confirm their relationship however, ASAP referred to RIH RIH as “the love of his life”. Not to mention their many PDA pictures. #Bingbong

👉🏾My Question to you is “Do you think Rihanna is the love of his life or Do you think she’s an opportunity that he just cannot pass up?

Couple #3 Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner

Honestly I don’t even know if its safe to call them a couple with the recent magazine article that surfaced where it was stated that the two were NOT a couple, while sister, Khloe, cleared the air stating they were a couple.

So when in doubt…… YOU CHECK INSTAGRAM 🤣

SCROLL … SCROLL. After only seeing 1 or 2 pics of one another on ig, it’s fair to say THIS RELATIONSHIP IS QUESTIONABLE 🤣.


Nonetheless, the “couple” is expecting their 2 child together and both parties share the same top priority, TAKING CARE OF STORMI.


👉🏾My Question is “ Do you think the couple is really dating on their own terms or Do you think they’re saving themselves from the constant media scrutiny?

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