Part 1: The Secret to Hiding Your Stomach

Ever find yourself looking in the mirror pointing out all of your flaws? Well! That was me a few months ago. Hell, it’s still me, just this time around I feed myself with positivity. Let’s REWIND ⏪ Last summer, little ol’ me was 150 lbs. Wellll, the scales kept saying 160, but I think they were all broken 😂. That was my little secret 🤫 and like any secret, we do our absolute best to hide it. I wasn’t ready to give up my secret just yet because 150 in the booty was LIT 🔥. BUT GIRLLLL! That 150 did not keep that same lit energy with my stomach 😂. So I thought I could keep my booty and hide my stomach 😂. One problem with that, 📣AIN’T NO HIDING IN THE SUMMER📣. Sis really had a problem on her hands huh? Catch me Next Thursday to find out how I handled my secret 🤣

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