The Finale: The Secret is OUT 🤣

Aight so where were we?

The part where I tell you how I sacrificed my stomach for a Fat ass 🤣.. Yup that’s right.. Sis looked 3 months pregnant with a big ol’ Booty. 🤣🤣🤣Okay well! Maybe my stomach wasn’t 3 months pregnant big, but it definitely wasn’t crop top ready either 🤣..

SOOOOO  let me tell y’all how I finessed everyone into thinking JUST MY BOOTY was BIG.    BOOM 💥Stretchy and Oversized clothing!! Girl💁🏾‍♀️ My go to was biker shorts with a graphic tee. I mean let’s think about it… In some biker shorts, my booty was on “ GODDAMN!” While the graphic tee disguised the stomach…. 📣IT WAS A WIN WIN FOR ME!


But on a serious note, it’s all fun and games until your fingers and toes start looking like baby sausages. Or until someone calls you the “F” word😳. And I’m not talking about “Freak” either🤣




I decided that lil bih wasn’t gonna kill me👇🏾

If I wanted to stay in the game, I would have to put down the cake and pick up the weights 🤣. So I got my life together or whatever. Took some products, worked out every day and started eating right; Then BAM 💥 … There I go.. The mother Freaking WINNER of the entire game.🤣🤣



~London Nikkole

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