Which would you choose?

Y’all Vibe’N with Vanity or nah?

I know y’all been following the Lil Baby & Saweetie story.

Well if you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown:

👉🏾 I has been rumored that Lil Baby spent 100k on Saweetie while the two were in NY. Lil Baby denied having an involvement with Saweetie; however, Saweetie posted a pic that said otherwise.

I know y’all thinking “How do y’all know those are Lil Baby’s feet?”  Here’s how 🤣:

Okay story gets better! Y’all know Lil Baby’s baby momma Jayda Righttttttt? And Saweetie’s ex Quavo Righttttttt? 🤣 Well Quavo responded to the news by posting “ Ain’t tripping we can swap it out!” And Jayda double tapped LIKED it.

I’m sure Lil Baby couldn’t stomach that shit because I never seen someone throw another under the bus quicker than Lil Baby hearing Quavo was after his lit ass baby momma. 🤣

And just like that, SAWEETIE IS GONE! 🤣


Both women were in their bag about the situation. Saweetie later posted:

Guess that depends on who she’s up against because she lasted 6 secs with Baby. 🤭


While Jayda didn’t hesitate to let the world know she’s “TOP TIER”.


Hypothetically Speaking:

Let’s just say Lil Baby HAD to patch things up with one of the women.  Which woman would be the smartest choice to go with?

Click the link👇🏾

Listen in to hear my choice!


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