The Body Bar
The Body Bar
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The Body Bar

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Welcome to "The Body Bar". Here you will have access to our workout videos, meal plan, tummy control and equipment . Be prepared to get workout wasted. (click on each picture to access the workouts)

What will you be able to do:

  • Set realistic body goals
  • Hit Your body goals faster
  • Use our realistic workout schedule
  • Lose weight without starving yourself
  • Increase Your body confidence

What can you expect:

  • 9 Week Workout Schedule
  • 1 month Meal Plan and Snack List
  • All Workout equipment- FIT Fat Burner, FIT Waist Trimmer, FIT Booty Bands, Cordless Jump Ropes
  • Tummy Control
  • A Vault of Training Videos
  • A Vault of Motivation Videos
  • Access to out FIT Workbook and Our E-Book, "Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Journey"

What will you Learn:

  • How to set realistic goals
  • How to be intentional when working out
  • How to create a realistic workout schedule
  • The importance of consistency
  • The connection between feeling good & looking good